Friday, January 28, 2011

And Oh the Lights!

So many people know that I'm very interested in Lighting Design [ and many more have no idea what this means ]. I thought I'd share a little information about my love of lighting.
Quoted from:

Illumination design has become a creative extension of architecture - one in which lighting is a silent design partner, improving visibility and complimenting form, shape, and color. The medium of light is "invisible" until it strikes an object. It is the creation and implementation of these invisible patterns of light that gives the lighting "artist" an advantage over other design disciplines. Talent, experience, and technique are used to create a visual environment to compliment and amplify the project goals.

New developments in lamp and luminaire technologies are being introduced into the marketplace continually. To provide proper design solutions, professional lighting designers must attend national trade shows and review product information and samples from hundreds of manufacturers. Since lighting design professionals do not manufacture, sell or install equipment, their clients receive designs that are based on expertise and free from conflicts of interest. 

I'm interested in the form, the effects it creates. The shadows it leaves behind, the impact it has on environment. I find beauty in the source. Inspiration in sculptural installations. Intrigue in new technology. And of course, I could not post this article without a few examples of the work I find so inspiring:

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Frank Gehry never ceases to amaze me. Yesterday the newest Frank Gehry addition opened up in Miami. Needless to say, this newest addition may be one of my favorites. I love the simplicity that has shown up in this work, and the still amazing complexity. Thank you Frank, for another inspiring piece of work.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Auto Show 2011

A recent article posted on WallPaper* magazine's web page recently caught my attention. The image above being the eye catching lure. Mercedes Benz has created this stunning piece of art.
I was stunned at the beauty and integration between conceptual automotive design and sculpture created with this particular piece.

An interest that has been strong for myself is the ties between design and art. What makes them so similar and distant all at once?

A small, thoughtful article on something we Detroiter's find so near and dear to us. The automotive industry. Though typically in our spotlight lies GM and Ford, here another giant steps forward. Perhaps this is a sign not only for better times, but a much needed push into the redesigning and discovery of new possibilities in automotive design. 

" Thankfully 2011 is a different story, with renewed optimism on display, indicating a turning point towards better times." []

Monday, January 24, 2011

Architecture + Buckminster

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit one of Michigan's most prized locations. The Henry Ford Museum. My family has the luck of having season tickets and we utilize them often. Visiting the museum reminded me that the furnishings and designs we are creating today will some day be like that of Buckminster Fuller if we are lucky. Buckminster is one of my very favorite architects. We are fortunate enough to have the Dymaxion house available for touring. I have visited and been inspired by this creating numerous times, and in fact used it as inspiration in my final design for my senior class. One of my professors in the fine arts department introduced me to him that semester and I have been infatuated with his work ever since.

I found some incredibly interesting images, and knowledge with my professor who had in his possession videos of Mr. Fuller at work, and discussing his thought process' and ideas.  Then, even more stunning knowledge on him through various websites and books. Buckminster designed the "golf ball" at Epcot, and this is a particular piece that I have found interest in since I was a small child visiting Florida. I encourage you to learn more about this architect, and if nothing else, the Dymaxion house. If you are lucky enough to live in Michigan, go check it out for yourself. Do a tour and experience the "circular" interior. The way things are stored and set is nothing short of  amazing.

Want more info on Buckminster? Check out these links:

Thursday, January 20, 2011


So I'm finally updating my Coroflot. It took me some time to get to it, with all that's been happening lately. But with restored focus and drive I am happy to update my account and put more work for potential employers to review. I am hoping that the next few weeks will prove prosperous!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's alive!

This was too cute not to share. Check it out:

Take a seat

Chairs are probably going to be somewhat of an important topic. I love them, it's no secret. Chairs and Lights are my passion. In an effort to expand my design knowledge I have been doing a good deal of research on product designers in these industries. I have used pieces designed by the following artisan multiple times, and yet never caught on to the connection. I love his work. Hans J Wegner creates stunning pieces that would make any room beautiful. The Wing chair in particular has caught my interests. I've used it multiple times and will continue to use it for it's timeless design, and stunning lines.

Want more info about this designer? Check it out here:

Monday, January 17, 2011

A little something

I created a little logo for my Facebook connection. The title of this blog was inspired by multiple interests. Mainly my interests in Lighting Design and The Beatles.

"Carnival of Light" is an unreleased experimental piece by The Beatles." []

I also have a great deal of interests in Lighting Design as well as the idea of play in design and the art world. The idea has been deepened during my Philosophy class with a marvelous professor at College for Creative Studies. Someone who has inspired so many students and continues to today. I would just like to give a big thanks to MSR. 

The playground champion

Growing up, I could always be found either at school on the swing set trying my best to fly up and over the top of the roof line or heck, even the entire swing set itself. Or I was found in my backyard on the swing set my dad installed for me. It's something I still do today, when I go out for my bike ride through the park I occasionally stop at the swings and take a little break from being an adult and just enjoy swinging through the air trying my best not to put myself out of commission though the fearless youngster I once was still comes out and I feel the need to leap off from the highest point I reach. Well, this feeling is something many enjoy. I found this amazing dining set, yes. Dining set. Why not swing and enjoy your lunch? We have hammocks as a more laid back way of enjoying our grown selves, and porch swings as well. Well, here's the newest take on one of histories favorite toys:

Want more info? Check it out on

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Building with...

Lately I have put a great deal of effort into consideration of building methods, materials and styles. This particular image caught my attention. [ ]  Seletti has created a porcelain dinner ware set, that I have just fallen in love with. This dinner ware is such a great conversation piece and in this particular set, the lack of color is actually a benefit allowing the room around these building plates, bowls and other various dining utensils to transform and still allow the items to fit cohesively in the design.Which also brings the attention of building rooms around objects instead of building the rooms and filling them with the objects.

Modular design is currently going through a makeover, with new trends rolling out what seems to be daily. The idea of modular dining ware only seems inevitable. I say bravo to the slogan of this company "[R]evolution is the only Solution", and their cutting edge and fearless designs. I highly suggestion checking out their site in your spare time, there's truly some stunning product designs center stage.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

News Update!

The last posting started out as a posting of my current project. One I've created for my Grandma. I'm also working on one for my Grandpa in their memory. But as I am waiting for AutoCAD 2011 to download, I've decided to work on the inspiration boards for Sugar Bumps! A sweet nickname my Grandpa gave my Grandma years ago. [He was very good at giving nick names, though never explained why he chose them... i.e. - Nina Bell for myself].

Here's the board for [Sugar Bumps] so far!

Is it loss or gain?

It's been a hard year. We found out last Christmas that my Grandma had cancer. A very rare, hard to treat cancer that infected the soft tissues of the body. But we fought it, with chemo treatments. Unfortunately my Grandma passed away just two days before my 24th birthday. I considered her to be my biggest role model. And, if you will a soul mate. I believe that we are not so limited as to having just one soul mate, but we have many. Who build and structure us into the people we become. There's things that are unexplainable. Moments when we could look at each other and just know  how the other was feeling. It is as if someone has torn me in half and left the rest for the dogs to fight over. I miss her so much. Every day I wish to visit her at the home where my mother was raised. Smell the delicious foods she would constantly have baking for us. Go to the stores simply for something to do together. Plant flowers with her, or walk to her garden to see how the vegetables are growing. She taught me to cook [ a mean grilled cheese, and the best damn pancakes in the world ]. Led me to my career track, by simply sitting at the kitchen table and drawing with me for hours on end. Teaching me first and foremost, how to draw a rose. How to make home made glue and play dough. And countless other valuable lessons. I knew the moment she passed, though a few cities a way. I was taking a bath to try and calm myself after days of crying having heard she was reaching the end. I knew the second the life left her body and her soul released. I have never been so heartbroken in all my life.

Well, as bad as my heart has been broken, my Grandpa's was that much worse. Living in the home where his wife and he cared for their children, their grandchildren, and even a few great grandchildren was hard. The house had changed since she passed and as hard as we fought to make him happy and comfortable, there was always a nagging sense of loss in his eyes. On January 6th at around 8:00 am my mom and I awoke to pounding on the front door. My Grandpa stood with tears in his eyes collapsed over and unable to breathe. I sat with him for a few moments while my mother rushed to get dressed. I had never seen this man in a condition like this. He was so strong. Nothing could take down my Grandpa. My mom rushed him to the doctor who then sent him to St. Mary's hospital. He was diagnosed with pneumonia. After visiting him in the hospital for multiple days in a row, worry set in. Why had he been there so long? When would they take him off the oxygen mask. My mother began pressing the doctors for answers, and in the mean time we readied his house for his return. Scrubbing every inch, perhaps in an effort to keep him here with us as long as possible. We had looked forward to him coming home, I had made plans in my head to create some new furniture pieces and I knew he wouldn't have it any other way than for himself to help me construct the final pieces. I had wanted to take him to breakfast at the little shop down the street. I created a few little signs to hang in his room, reading "Get Well Soon" and " I love you Grandpa, Love Nina Bell" [ a nick name he had given me when I was just a small child]. He argued with us not to hang them on the wall, because he didn't want them to fall or be stolen but my mom insisted we hang them so he could see them. My younger brother had done an illustration on the nurses board for him as well. He had his lunch brought to him and insisted I played cards while he eat, and we joked about how he was going to get a razor to shave. Then my mom and I went on our way so he could get some rest and be ready for the next batch of visitors. On January 12th, 2011, at 5:00 a.m. my mother received a phone call. My Grandpa had taken a turn for the worse. It turns out that around 3:30 am he signaled for the nurse to come in the room. Complaining of chest pains, and collapsed into cardiac arrest. The doctors worked immediately on him, and for over an hour, reviving him twice. After he passed, my mother made it to the hospital. Telling the doctor what had happened just a few months earlier. The doctor told my mother "it was a broken heart" and that he sensed my Grandpa had moved on to see my Grandma while performing all the great acts of revival possible, using every drug in the cart. The doctor said "he fought to live, but he also wanted to move on".

I will always miss him, playing around the yard and house, starting new projects. Rebuilding things that didn't necessarily need to be rebuilt. Tinkering in the garage, and sitting in the lawn chairs in the back. I'll miss his silly noises he made when he did certain things, and how much he cared for us. I left a few boxes before my little New York adventure in the basement, and he had gone through them, to clean them for me and make sure they were organized. He threw away some things that had broken and repacked them for me. I returned from New York because after my Grandma's death I had an awful feeling come over me that that was not the end of loss in our family. Unfortunately it was true, multiple times.  In the past 9 months we have lost my Grandma, Grandpa, my "Aunt Diane" [my Grandma's sister in law], my mom's cousin Billy, and a few family friends.

They are in heaven now, if you will. Or wherever you might believe people move on to after life here. I like to believe it is a place beyond any ideas our lives here could ever give us. After reading many articles of people revived from death, I believe that their is so much more than we could ever hope for. From the articles that I've read I understand that family is who meets you at the next level of "life". I hope for nothing more.

My Grandparents are somewhere together, for what will be there 52nd wedding anniversary on monday. Neither of them missing one yet. Hopefully they are holding each other close, and watching over all of us now.

Friday, January 14, 2011

It's Love

I have always detested wall coverings, that was...until my education at CCS offered up some new [and much improved] options. Here's a site I've fallen in love with, for their creativity and fearlessness not only in wall coverings but in fabrics as well. Edgy, modern, sweet designs that fit into any home or buisness. I found this company a few months ago when I began my job hunt.  Without further a do:

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Revisiting Old Favorites

So, as I am working on [SugarBumps] bakery, I am reminded of a favorite designer. Karim Rashid's work is stunning to say the least. Every item he designs stylistically follows the same ideals, and  yet he manages to create stand alone pieces. Something that I think many designers struggle with, not recreating the same things over and over. While designers have a style to maintain, many strive to create items that can stand on their own as well as in a collection. I believe Mr. Rashid has found this "designer bliss".

Monday, January 10, 2011

Some Day

I would very much so like to win one of these awards one day. Not that I haven't already made multiple plaster cast light bulbs, but they are just so awesome looking!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dining in Lights

A recent posting on WallPaper* magazine's webpage caught my attention. The use of light in the dining setting is not all that uncommon, however the light becomes a "spotlight" if you will. The main focal point in the room. While the source of light in many rooms becomes like a background figure, in the dining room it is thrust forward. I have noticed a new trend in the field. Addressing the placement and types of lighting used in these spaces. More importantly, something I have particularly enjoyed is the use of neon lamp work and the importance of creating a gathering space. 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

An Iconic Favorite

An Iconic Favorite brought back to light, the Ghost chair. I recently found a sketch of this chair [thanks to] and it reminded me of the simple beauty the form of the chair follows. The chair being such an all important entity in both the design and art worlds. Stirring up much commotion in it's various uses. Pushing boundaries and creating questions. Such an easily found, over used, under appreciated piece of furniture to the common person is highly adorned in the art world. The ghost chair in no doubt drawing more attention to the question of form versus function.

2011 Working Resolutions

2011's Working Resolutions include personal goals to challenge myself intellectually, aesthetically, and visually. To step out of the current comfort zone. The of course, always main goal being to acquire a job within the design zone. More specifically a job doing something I am passionate about.

After having been turned down, and not to deny my own denial of job offerings, 2010 was a harsh year. I applied, interviewed and was turned down based on lack of experience for a job I had dreamed of for a few years now. After hearing how qualified I was and being told my personal design work was stunning, I was contacted and told, "The other girl just has more experience." Oh, but don't fret, this wasn't the only time this occurred. I've heard it now over and over. For jobs I'm told by the management and owners, I am a perfect fit for...if only I had working experience. I am sure you understand my shock and confusion when expecting after being told how "perfect" a fit I am, to be turned down. Door slammed in face time and time again. But, I have not let it get me down. I continue the search for a position that is willing to say "You may not have the experience, but that does not mean you are incapable. Let's see what you can do." Damn, test drive before you say no employers.

So now, to continue the focus of this article, I am creating my own guidelines to finding a job. To transforming into a employed designer. To challenging myself and putting myself out there if you will. Without further a do, here goes the list of resolutions, or personal goals I am setting for myself for 2011:

#1. Creating this blog, and maintaining it's use for longer than a few weeks.

#2. Continuing work on personal design projects. [i.e. - follow through has always been a personal challenge]

#3. Obtaining a full time job or internship

#4. Traveling to design hot spots. [i.e. - New York, Chicago, Las Vegas etc.]

#5. Creating my own web page. [At this time, I have not learned web design, although find it completely necessary to learn]

#6. Using this blog as a porthole for inspiration, research, and discussion of design + personal goals.

#7. Revamping my designer image to showcase the experience I do have.

This list, as all my others do, will continue to grow. I look forward to continuing blogging and sharing thoughts with anyone who might have questions or just want to discuss design.

On that note, I end with a favorite designer. Ingo Maurer and his brilliant light designs. And, yes it is a ribbon of light. Literally.