Monday, February 3, 2014

DIY Pillow #2

The sweater pillow DIY is so easy, affordable and fun! It can be done in a day and for less than $20! I hope your ready for an adventure! Follow the steps and tips and you'll save a bundle on these warm pillows!

1. A sweater. Boyfriend or husband got one he won't wear with tags on it? Perfect! If not, check out the local thrift store! You can find some with tags still on or gently worn. 

***tips: make sure the sweater isn't stained and doesn't have an piling! Check for holes and overworked armpits. Make sure the sweaters allow enough material for your pillow. You won't want to use children's sweaters for this project!****

2. Scissors

3. Needle and thread. Sewing machine if you've got one! Makes the project zip right on by! 

4. Preform pillow [I chose a 12" x 12" and 18" x 18" for the pillows I made!]

***tips: preform pillows are the best choice for this project. They'll save you time and heart ache. Allowing the pillow to last longer and an easy template for making your shape. Plus an extra layer of protection from tearing and loose stuffing! 

5. Straightedge or ruler 

I chose to make two sweaters for this DIY! You'll see similar patterns but the same idea applies for any sweater!

Let's get started! 

1. Lay out your sweater on a flat surface and check for any problem areas you may want to remove.

2. If the sweater has a waist band similar to the one I chose cut it off (use the straight edge to create as straight an edge as possible to make it easier for sewing later.

3. From arm pit to arm pit create a straight cut removing the top half of the sweater.

4. You'll be left with a straight band of fabric now! Measure your pillow with the fabric. For this project you'll actually want your fabric a bit smaller than the form as the sweater material will stretch to fit the pillow preform. 

Measuring the width as well as height cut off one side leave the other still attached to its original seam. [woohoo for less work for you!]

5. Sew away! Three of the four edges will be sewn 100% together. The fourth edge you will sew about two to three inches in, leaving enough room to slide the pillow into the form [see second photo below]. It takes a little muscle but as long as your seams are strong it won't tear! (Good test for later!)

6. Hardest part (in my opinion) hidden seam. If you've never done a hidden seam in highly recommend heading to YouTube and watching a handful of tutorials before jumping in. In this step you'll be closing the seam on the bottom of the pillow! Use thread in a similar color to help keep the seam hidden and voila! You just made yourself a sweater pillow! Now it's time to test it with a good movie and a nap for reward! Enjoy!