Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Math, Science and Plants!

LOVE IT! I seriously adore learning any neat tricks involved with drawing, math, science or art and could think of nothing better than this video my boss shared with me today! Even if your not interested in half of those things, it's still a great video! CHECK IT OUT!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Color Play

So, I want to re-vamp my "Brand" or resume packet. I've decided to really indulge in my personal favorite things to create a new personal branding image...

I thought I'd share what I've got so far.

I've just begun building it so bear with me, but I am fascinated with a few ideas so far.

1. Crystalized Rock formations - just always been interested in their forms and the subtle changes within each formation.

2. Shades of purple, it's where warm and cool meet. Blue and Red, opposites attracting to create this never ending collision of shades and hues of my favorite color.

3. Mandalas - this is still something I'm working out on the form so far, but I've always been intrigued by these endless circles of color, form and design. Since I was young I've begged my mom to buy the more expensive mandala coloring books for me and skipped past the simple teddy bear puzzle, cat with a scarf, bunny hugging a turtle options.

4. Culture. I'd love to find some way to introduce my love for culture into this piece, especially language. I've always had an affinity for learning new languages and indulged in the opportunity, for instance - at one of my jobs we have a Korean woman [really lovely lady, so sweet and caring and such a hard worker. She's much older but has such enthusiasm for everything. She's been teaching me little words in Korean as well as introducing me to some less than well known foods, such as fish cakes [which are fantastic by the way]. Or learning French at the creperie I worked for. 8 years of spanish classes, or a Portuguese room mate. Nothing makes me happier than hearing the different cultures and how things are done so foreign from what I grew up with.

5. Nature. OBSESSED. Garden admirer, tree planter, seed sower etc.

6. I'd also love to introduce my love/hate relationship for food into this mix. Still not sure if it's possible without bombarding information.

I'd like all these points to be subtle - it shouldn't scream in your face, but rather whisper in your ear. It's another piece of my own personality that I'd like included. I'm subtle, and tend to be soft-spoken. Non-abrasive and always learning. Don't get me wrong. I have another side that comes through from time to time in the right company, but for the main parts I tend to lean towards my comfort zones of quiet and peace.

I'd like to give some information upfront, but mostly I'd like the piece to be something easy to look at and intriguing.

So here's the start:

Still working out the font, placement and adding much more but to give you a bit of insight in the process I wanted to share a few of the steps along my way of discovering a brand image for myself. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Food and Fabric

Going through this weird food phase. Thinking an old allergy might have been the cause for a lot of mis-diagnosis or, maybe not. Either way it's got me thinking about food and the body. Meanwhile working away on creating displays for work while talking about food - it struck me. Food. Design. Design. Food. Last month my thoughts were Sport. Design. Design. Sport. So here's my next little connecting rant. [I believe this will all lead to some magnificent discovery and I will later post it - but for now research continues.

I thought I'd share some of my finds so far, including some really gorgeous "food fabric"


Can we thank Lady Gaga for this? I'm not so sure she's the first, and certainly not the last but as an artist speaking of another - the lady puts thought into this stuff. Now meat may not have been my first, or last choice for that matter - but it's something lovely to think about. The entire concept of wearing flesh. Draping carcasses on a body.

Now I'm not going to say I'd be so brazen as to wear some of the more transparent "food fabrics" in public, but I will say that I encourage the play and production of these pieces.

A second form of food in fabric is the idea of coffee beans.


There's a lot of pitfalls in the discussion, some of them include the rotting of clothing. My thoughts : if we can get a hamburger to look the same 8 years later, why not an article of fruit cloth?

Monday, February 6, 2012

I'm obsessed

With super funky abstract colorful textiles. I don't know what I would do with any of them, but I WANT to make them all.

While doing some circuit training today, I ended with a nice round of yoga. Nothing to crazy so - I decided to make it more interesting. Drawing & Yoga at the same time = inspiration! Who would have guessed! I look forward to some more sketching tomorrow and will post some photos of what I've been working on soon! Going on a bit of a pattern making stint here and hoping to find some cool ways to apply these ideas.

I'm also hoping to come up with some lighting designs and build them throughout the spring. I want to explore this more. I'll be doing a lot of research on lighting design and textiles and posting my findings here for all to share!

Maybe screen printing & lighting design in some form.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Playing at work

 I had the amazing opportunity to explore glass this week at work. Nothing makes me happier than learning a new medium, and while it would take years to master - or even become good at - I found it intoxicating. 

Glass Academy features not only blown glass, but torch work as well as stained glass and neon. [Neon is not nearly as used as the other mediums however]. The past year I've spent in the studio has involved an enormous amount of growth both personally and for the studio. 

Personally there is no better way to understand an object that to create it. To get down into the science of the materiality, to chose the colors the form. To be a maker of things is more than just physical. 

A favorite teacher of mine while in College always told me "stop thinking so much - your going to kill yourself and your work". Now as a constant thinker it is not so easy to shut off the never ending trail of questions, thoughts and challenges involved in even the simplest tasks. While participating in a staff meeting we were all given the chance to not only create a bead in the torch work studio space but also create a pulled flower. Standing in front of the flame, flooded with thoughts - I realized something. It's not just my own thoughts that flood the space. It's reactionary. With options to start in either area, I opted for the torch. A smaller and when approaching less intimidating form of glass. However, not the case. My head flooded with thoughts. I did my best to create a piece while listening to the instructor explain the process to me. A week earlier I had had the same opportunity when a student didn't show up for class. A different instructor made all the difference. Calm and soothing - my head cleared. Upon completion of this new piece this week, I knew it would not have the same turn out so with head down walked through the studio to observe the other staff creating their pulled flowers. After panicking about color choices, it was narrowed down and time for my chance again. A different instructor, and entirely different approach. I'm almost entirely sure I have never been so clear headed and calm. I am by no means wound up, or hyper. I tend to lean towards laid back and happy with my own occasional moments of spastic energy. It was like being in an entirely different world. A world of play, freedom. A world of creation and calmness. Standing in front of the heat my head cleared and ready to ignite a whole different approach. 

[Photo - My pulled flower and 1st of 2 beads]

This was a huge lesson in the subconscious relationships and cues given by others for myself. A visible reaction by not only myself but upon finishing the entire studio couldn't help notice the change in demeanor.