Sunday, February 19, 2012

Color Play

So, I want to re-vamp my "Brand" or resume packet. I've decided to really indulge in my personal favorite things to create a new personal branding image...

I thought I'd share what I've got so far.

I've just begun building it so bear with me, but I am fascinated with a few ideas so far.

1. Crystalized Rock formations - just always been interested in their forms and the subtle changes within each formation.

2. Shades of purple, it's where warm and cool meet. Blue and Red, opposites attracting to create this never ending collision of shades and hues of my favorite color.

3. Mandalas - this is still something I'm working out on the form so far, but I've always been intrigued by these endless circles of color, form and design. Since I was young I've begged my mom to buy the more expensive mandala coloring books for me and skipped past the simple teddy bear puzzle, cat with a scarf, bunny hugging a turtle options.

4. Culture. I'd love to find some way to introduce my love for culture into this piece, especially language. I've always had an affinity for learning new languages and indulged in the opportunity, for instance - at one of my jobs we have a Korean woman [really lovely lady, so sweet and caring and such a hard worker. She's much older but has such enthusiasm for everything. She's been teaching me little words in Korean as well as introducing me to some less than well known foods, such as fish cakes [which are fantastic by the way]. Or learning French at the creperie I worked for. 8 years of spanish classes, or a Portuguese room mate. Nothing makes me happier than hearing the different cultures and how things are done so foreign from what I grew up with.

5. Nature. OBSESSED. Garden admirer, tree planter, seed sower etc.

6. I'd also love to introduce my love/hate relationship for food into this mix. Still not sure if it's possible without bombarding information.

I'd like all these points to be subtle - it shouldn't scream in your face, but rather whisper in your ear. It's another piece of my own personality that I'd like included. I'm subtle, and tend to be soft-spoken. Non-abrasive and always learning. Don't get me wrong. I have another side that comes through from time to time in the right company, but for the main parts I tend to lean towards my comfort zones of quiet and peace.

I'd like to give some information upfront, but mostly I'd like the piece to be something easy to look at and intriguing.

So here's the start:

Still working out the font, placement and adding much more but to give you a bit of insight in the process I wanted to share a few of the steps along my way of discovering a brand image for myself. 

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