About the Designer

Melissa Byle
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During my education at the College for Creative Studies, I created an extensive arsenal of design skills from manual drafting to Revit Architecture, model building to color and material selections. I excelled in learning computer-aided programs and often finished first, allowing myself to create additional projects to practice the skills I had learned. Along with the requirements for the department, I assisted with our newly accredited program allowing our school to receive the highest points of accreditation. I have also spent time volunteering in the industry. Through the creation of an environment, a group of select students from the interior design department designed and built a dining experience for DIFFA's 2010 design event. The group of students was recognized in multiple publications for our achievements during the event.

In addition to the traditional course load, I took on a work-study position in the interior design department. Taking on the once disorganized materials library and revamping it to create a space for all students to utilize. In addition to reorganizing, I assisted with creating program information for incoming students, as well as tutoring students in AutoCAD programs. I challenged myself through the addition of a minor in Fine Arts allowing myself to further explore the construction process as well as color, materials and functionality.

I have worked as a contract employee since graduation for an art gallery creating a new space plan and building it out. I repainted and created product displays to showcase the work without a budget. Utilizing donations I was able to create a better spatial plan and increase the number of shows the gallery was able to hold. I have also worked in an interior design firm creating CAD plans for trim, tile, space planning and reflected ceiling plans as well as designing multiple fireplaces. I assisted with materials selections and furniture specifications, visited the construction sites and maintained project communications between the client, construction crews and the studio.

I look forward to transforming a talent into a career.
Melissa M. Byle