Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So, anyone who knows me knows that I have strong interests in sustainability. I mean, how many 10 year olds ask for a pear tree to "give back to earth"? Yes, that's right me. I'm probably the only one, and I love that. I'm not only interested in sustainability. I'm interested in the welfare of the planet. I'm not going to go on some long winded discussion about what we could all be doing. Because really, if we don't know by now...there's no hope. But what I would like to discuss is the trends in color within the sustainable movement. In the beginning for a space to be sustainable you had to walk in and see it. Now, there's a movement for sustainability to mesh right in with every day colors and materials. To me, one of the most important factors is to create environments that not only reach out to those of us who are interested in this realm, but to reach out to those of us who frankly couldn't care less. To create spaces that are appealing and an important factor, spaces that are going to last. Environmental conciousness does not end at simply using materials that are "green", this is just the beginning. It means to create spaces that are going to last generations. So much of our life has become disposable. I personally am a fan of spending a few more dolloars [yes, that means saving up for items] and not replacing them every other week.

I'm interested in items that are appealing to larger groups of people, so they can be passed on from person to person. In recycling and reusing. In items that will be around for years and not months.

Okay, all that being said. I have to say - those cheesy obvious designs that scream NATURE from the top of their lungs, are some of my favorites. For example, this charging dock.

Another really cool, interior design/furniture piece that I love is this:

In the mess of the 12 tabs I have open on Mozilla I've lost the link to whichever company designed this, but what a resourceful desk. Made of moving pallets.

It seems now a days you can find any product, in a sustainable version of itself. Cars, Furniture, heck they're even working on sustainable laptops and cell phones. I'm in heaven.

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