Sunday, March 20, 2011


Currently I'm working on creating yet another social network site. I'm adding to my already extensive list of sites, Behance! As soon as I'm finished I'll update and show off the site. Along with that I'm working on a special portfolio to showcase a different skill set.

Is two portfolios too many? I don't want to bombard with information, but I feel that there's a skill set that I'm interested in pursuing to a different level. [Trend/Forecasting] The current portfolio of work I have shows mainly interior design with a few fine arts projects. Should I just be adding this to my original portfolio?

And on another side note! It'll be a busy couple weeks at work, getting a few displays done off-site and working at VegFest! Which should be great, and if you have the time you should stop by and say hi! [you could check out our awesome retro recycled refrigerator (that's a mouth-full)]. Here's the site with some info about the event! This is especially helpful if you are a Vegetarian, health conscious or interested in the restaurants in the metro area. I'll be at a booth handing out recipes for my bosses smoothie recipe and picking up info to enter our contest to win a glass prize from the shop! I'm also working on moving our gallery into a different space while we revamp the current space as well as creating some fun window displays with spring in mind!

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