Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Working Resolutions

2011's Working Resolutions include personal goals to challenge myself intellectually, aesthetically, and visually. To step out of the current comfort zone. The of course, always main goal being to acquire a job within the design zone. More specifically a job doing something I am passionate about.

After having been turned down, and not to deny my own denial of job offerings, 2010 was a harsh year. I applied, interviewed and was turned down based on lack of experience for a job I had dreamed of for a few years now. After hearing how qualified I was and being told my personal design work was stunning, I was contacted and told, "The other girl just has more experience." Oh, but don't fret, this wasn't the only time this occurred. I've heard it now over and over. For jobs I'm told by the management and owners, I am a perfect fit for...if only I had working experience. I am sure you understand my shock and confusion when expecting after being told how "perfect" a fit I am, to be turned down. Door slammed in face time and time again. But, I have not let it get me down. I continue the search for a position that is willing to say "You may not have the experience, but that does not mean you are incapable. Let's see what you can do." Damn, test drive before you say no employers.

So now, to continue the focus of this article, I am creating my own guidelines to finding a job. To transforming into a employed designer. To challenging myself and putting myself out there if you will. Without further a do, here goes the list of resolutions, or personal goals I am setting for myself for 2011:

#1. Creating this blog, and maintaining it's use for longer than a few weeks.

#2. Continuing work on personal design projects. [i.e. - follow through has always been a personal challenge]

#3. Obtaining a full time job or internship

#4. Traveling to design hot spots. [i.e. - New York, Chicago, Las Vegas etc.]

#5. Creating my own web page. [At this time, I have not learned web design, although find it completely necessary to learn]

#6. Using this blog as a porthole for inspiration, research, and discussion of design + personal goals.

#7. Revamping my designer image to showcase the experience I do have.

This list, as all my others do, will continue to grow. I look forward to continuing blogging and sharing thoughts with anyone who might have questions or just want to discuss design.

On that note, I end with a favorite designer. Ingo Maurer and his brilliant light designs. And, yes it is a ribbon of light. Literally.

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