Sunday, January 16, 2011

Building with...

Lately I have put a great deal of effort into consideration of building methods, materials and styles. This particular image caught my attention. [ ]  Seletti has created a porcelain dinner ware set, that I have just fallen in love with. This dinner ware is such a great conversation piece and in this particular set, the lack of color is actually a benefit allowing the room around these building plates, bowls and other various dining utensils to transform and still allow the items to fit cohesively in the design.Which also brings the attention of building rooms around objects instead of building the rooms and filling them with the objects.

Modular design is currently going through a makeover, with new trends rolling out what seems to be daily. The idea of modular dining ware only seems inevitable. I say bravo to the slogan of this company "[R]evolution is the only Solution", and their cutting edge and fearless designs. I highly suggestion checking out their site in your spare time, there's truly some stunning product designs center stage.

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