Friday, January 28, 2011

And Oh the Lights!

So many people know that I'm very interested in Lighting Design [ and many more have no idea what this means ]. I thought I'd share a little information about my love of lighting.
Quoted from:

Illumination design has become a creative extension of architecture - one in which lighting is a silent design partner, improving visibility and complimenting form, shape, and color. The medium of light is "invisible" until it strikes an object. It is the creation and implementation of these invisible patterns of light that gives the lighting "artist" an advantage over other design disciplines. Talent, experience, and technique are used to create a visual environment to compliment and amplify the project goals.

New developments in lamp and luminaire technologies are being introduced into the marketplace continually. To provide proper design solutions, professional lighting designers must attend national trade shows and review product information and samples from hundreds of manufacturers. Since lighting design professionals do not manufacture, sell or install equipment, their clients receive designs that are based on expertise and free from conflicts of interest. 

I'm interested in the form, the effects it creates. The shadows it leaves behind, the impact it has on environment. I find beauty in the source. Inspiration in sculptural installations. Intrigue in new technology. And of course, I could not post this article without a few examples of the work I find so inspiring:

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