Monday, January 17, 2011

The playground champion

Growing up, I could always be found either at school on the swing set trying my best to fly up and over the top of the roof line or heck, even the entire swing set itself. Or I was found in my backyard on the swing set my dad installed for me. It's something I still do today, when I go out for my bike ride through the park I occasionally stop at the swings and take a little break from being an adult and just enjoy swinging through the air trying my best not to put myself out of commission though the fearless youngster I once was still comes out and I feel the need to leap off from the highest point I reach. Well, this feeling is something many enjoy. I found this amazing dining set, yes. Dining set. Why not swing and enjoy your lunch? We have hammocks as a more laid back way of enjoying our grown selves, and porch swings as well. Well, here's the newest take on one of histories favorite toys:

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  1. I love this concept. I want this in my house!

  2. Isn't it amazing! I would totally buy that if I could!