Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Auto Show 2011

A recent article posted on WallPaper* magazine's web page recently caught my attention. The image above being the eye catching lure. Mercedes Benz has created this stunning piece of art.
I was stunned at the beauty and integration between conceptual automotive design and sculpture created with this particular piece.

An interest that has been strong for myself is the ties between design and art. What makes them so similar and distant all at once?

A small, thoughtful article on something we Detroiter's find so near and dear to us. The automotive industry. Though typically in our spotlight lies GM and Ford, here another giant steps forward. Perhaps this is a sign not only for better times, but a much needed push into the redesigning and discovery of new possibilities in automotive design. 

" Thankfully 2011 is a different story, with renewed optimism on display, indicating a turning point towards better times." []

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