Monday, January 24, 2011

Architecture + Buckminster

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit one of Michigan's most prized locations. The Henry Ford Museum. My family has the luck of having season tickets and we utilize them often. Visiting the museum reminded me that the furnishings and designs we are creating today will some day be like that of Buckminster Fuller if we are lucky. Buckminster is one of my very favorite architects. We are fortunate enough to have the Dymaxion house available for touring. I have visited and been inspired by this creating numerous times, and in fact used it as inspiration in my final design for my senior class. One of my professors in the fine arts department introduced me to him that semester and I have been infatuated with his work ever since.

I found some incredibly interesting images, and knowledge with my professor who had in his possession videos of Mr. Fuller at work, and discussing his thought process' and ideas.  Then, even more stunning knowledge on him through various websites and books. Buckminster designed the "golf ball" at Epcot, and this is a particular piece that I have found interest in since I was a small child visiting Florida. I encourage you to learn more about this architect, and if nothing else, the Dymaxion house. If you are lucky enough to live in Michigan, go check it out for yourself. Do a tour and experience the "circular" interior. The way things are stored and set is nothing short of  amazing.

Want more info on Buckminster? Check out these links:

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